Benjamin Lovell reunites with his estranged daughter, Rosemary, after being separated for 20 years. Due to an injury she sustained as a child, she doesn't recognize him and he fails to find the way to tell her the truth about who he really is. As he does everything he can to understand what  happened to the family he left behind, the two grow dangerously close, and his daughter falls for him during a time of her own desperate loneliness. Benjamin must balance his complicated relationship with his daughter, all while keeping it a secret from his closest friends and business partner, whose frustrations are already high after the death of his father, and the complicated renovations to his restaurant .


Produced entirely in Missouri, in the cities of Glasgow, Columbia, Fayette, and Jefferson City.


Gregory Sporleder

Whitney Morgan Cox

Meagan English

Walter Coppage

Chris Bylsma

C.J. Irwin

Ford Fanter

Cathy Barnett

Lydia Boland


Written and Directed by Brian Maurer